Verudela 9, Pula
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Verudela 9, Pula
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An unforgettable holiday to discover the hidden islets with “Gurges 545”

Half day (09:00-13:30 or (14:30-19:00)
The island Fratarski, Frašker and Fraškerić and Valmižeja


Veruda (Fratarski otok) is an island located in the bay in the south of Pula. It is located near the marina of Bunarina easy to reach. In summer the island becomes a campsite ideal for those who want to spend a holiday surrounded by nature and surrounded by the sea.Easy to reach by boat; ideal for the little ones but also for those who are discovering hidden and isolated places.


Frašker is an uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic, south of Pula. A beautiful small island, ideal for coming by boat and anchoring in the crystal clear sea to enjoy tranquility.


The low coast of the island is full of pebbly beaches and delicate inlets … Choose yours, surrounded by the silence interrupted only by the sounds of summer, nobody or maybe just someone in the nearby around you.

Full day from 09:00-19:00
Porer/Levan /Kamenjak

Porer’s lighthouse

The Porer lighthouse was built in 1833 on the islet of the same name, 2.5 km southwest of the southern Istrian promontory and the town of Premantura. The 35-meter high tower is located right in the center of the stone building on the ground floor, with a concrete courtyard. The islet is a 80 m wide rock with three rather small landings. It takes just over a minute to cross the entire islet. Here sunsets are considered among the most beautiful on the Adriatic.


The island of Levan has a gastronomic offer, a magnificent beach for those who love sand and crystal clear sea.It is a true earthly paradisis where you can devote yourself to relaxation and the crystal-clear sea.


Rt kamenjak is a peninsula located in the extreme south of istria. It’s characterized by a jagged coast and a peculiar flora and fauna. Among the 600 plant species, orchids protected by law stand out. It consists of a beautiful peninsula with a jagged coast almost four kilometers long with over thirty inlets and 11 uninhabited islets that make up an archipelago, in the bay of premantura you will find crystal clear sea and many quiet areas. There are some sandy beaches ideal for families with children even if most of the coast is rocky. Kamenjak is a destination known for diving but also for windsurfing. The area southwest is the safari bar where you can cool off on long summer days.



01.05. – 29.05. 100,00 eur
30.05. – 26.06  105,00 eur
27.06. – 28.08. 115,00 eur
29.08.-11.09. 105,00 eur
12.09.-01.10. 100,00 eur

Rent for more than 3 days – 5% discount


DEPOSIT/SAFTY: 200,00 eur cash

SKIPPER: 80,00 eur / dan

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Verudela 9, Pula