Verudela 9, Pula
Call us: +385 (0)99 775 2545, +385 (0)997752500
Verudela 9, Pula
+385 (0)99 775 2545, +385 (0)997752500

Veruda (Fratarski otok) is an island located in the bay in the south of Pula. It is located near the marina of Bunarina easy to reach. In summer, the island becomes a campsite ideal for those who want to spend a holiday surrounded by nature and surrounded by the sea. Easy to reach by boat; ideal for children but also for those who are discovering hidden and isolated places. The island is home to bars and health services, ideal for making an outdoor grill with free grill place.

To reach the Veruda islet (Fratarski otok) you can board our passenger ship ODISEJ.
The passenger ship Odyssey maintains a regular line to Fratarski Island and is located opposite the Bunarina coffee bar.

The journey is very short (around 10 minutes).

Schedule below:

1.6. – 15.6. every saturday and sunday 9:00 h – 21:00 h.

15.6. – 1.9. every day from 9:00 h – 21:00 h (every full hour departure from Bunarina).


Phone: +385 (0)99 775 2545, +385 (0)997752500
Verudela 9, Pula